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Mickey Taylor & James Fuck in the “Loo”

Bathroom, toilets, washroom, water closet, rest room, whatever you want to call it… Mickey Taylor and James Lain are fucking in it.

Last month, I had the pleasure of hopping the pond and shooting in Manchester with Ashton Bradley and the exceedingly lovely Boynapped crew. We had a lot of challenges over the shoot (the odds were not in our favour or the Porn Gods were pissed, I don’t know) and this scene with Mickey and James was actually one of the last. I think the lot of us were a little worse for wear, at least I was, but Mickey and James made this scene super easy to shoot (and hot as hell, too.)

Mickey is a special one, that’s inarguable–he’s a cheeky show-off who knows exactly what he’s working with, but still humble and sweet enough not to think he’s above helping out and working hard. He’s got the kind of attitude you hope for in a performer. As for James, he made me feel exhausted–I mean, he’s a darling with an amazing body that belies his boyish face. He’s just got that youthful enthusiasm for things like life, ugh. I used that willingness against him as we agreed on a really challenging position to start the scene–I kid I kid, I wasn’t trying to punish him for being young and energetic (the little shit) the position just looked really hot, OK?

While we were running through the photos, I snapped a few pictures myself, check them out:

Couple of looky-loos in the loo, as you do.

Of course, the photos Ashton took don’t look half bad, either:

James has a killer body, but he’s itty-bitty, and the size difference between him and Mickey in this pic makes it one of my favourites.

This is the position I was talking about before, and you can imagine young James’ struggle! I had sympathy-aches all day for him (and was also low-key terrified Mickey would drop him) but James is a trooper and the position looks really hot.

Cock-Tattoo Club: Mickey Taylor, Logan McCree… any others?

All’s well that ends well/in a facial.

And here’s some video action for you, too, and here’s a bonus photo of Mickey and I looking… uh, entirely sober, during a night out on Canal St.

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  1. Rob says:

    Great to see some behind the scenes photos from this video & to read about the video shoot.

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