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3 Twinks and a Shark: Part 1!

It’s live! Part one of 3 Twinks and a Shark is up on today!

Here’s the description off the site:

Andy Taylor, Ryker Madison, and Ian Levine were three little hustlers living off the high-rollers who come through Vegas looking to spend money on a good time. They’re too young to gamble, but old enough to take you for everything you’ve got and then some. The fast and sleazy lifestyle catches up to them, eventually… but first, Andy Taylor is going “all in” with Christopher Daniels in the first episode of 3 Twinks and a Shark!

You liking all those Las Vegas references? If you say you aren’t, I’ll have to call your bluff… ha.

Here, check out a few of the behind the scenes photos I snapped while I was supposed to be telling people what to do:

To be honest, this was the most arousing part of the shoot for me: Christopher Daniels clipping his toenails before we got started. I’m not into feet really, but as a director, you don’t know how many times I’ve dealt with models clip-clopping around set on gnarly looking hooves. I appreciate a man who knows how to operate a nail clipper.

I change my mind, this was the most arousing part of the shoot. I’m just really into ass play, ok?


Christopher Daniels is built like a Thoroughbred, all long and lean and muscular, and Andy Taylor is some kind of porno sprite, so they looked pretty incredible together.

I’ll include a few of the professional photos for the sake of penetration, because… well…


I was never a fan of the riding position in the past but I’ve recently changed my mind.


I’ve worked with a lot of twink models and, without a doubt, Andy Taylor is one of the best. That boy performs with an ease that is incredibly uncommon amongst his youthful contemporaries. Also? He stinks. He looks as fresh as linens drying in the wind on a clothesline, but after a scene he’s got the armpits of a sour lumberjack. Full on man-smell. It’s actually really endearing.

As for Christopher Daniels, I’m still trying to figure out how often I can shoot him before people get mad at me. I want to shoot Christopher Daniels forever. He is absolutely everything you could ever ask for in a porn performer. I’m going to write another blog post where I wax poetically (and creepily!) about how much I love Christopher Daniels. (The post might contain an apology for the fact that we ran out of towels one day and he had to dry off with a bathrobe.) Have you noticed I always refer to Christopher Daniels by his full name? I don’t even afford jesus that kind of respect.

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  1. meysam says:

    hello.very very good.andy taylor is my love.

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