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3 Twinks and a Shark: Part 5!

The finale of 3 Twinks and a Shark is live on now!

The only thing more fickle than luck is fate, and neither are working in the three little hustlers favor in the final scene of 3 Twinks and a Shark. Ryker Madison unknowingly brings loan shark Jeremy Stevens back to their house for a hot fuck. All goes well until Jeremy spots his beloved gold switchblade and connects the dots. Andy, Ian, and Ryker find themselves taking one last gamble and this time it’s with their lives…

Ohhhh dang.

Jeremy Stevens is a 230lbs beast, which means he’s literally 100lbs heavier than Ryker Madison. If you’ve got a size difference kink, this one’s for you.

Charlie risking his life to get the sexy shot.

My honey-bear!

I think Jeremy’s arm is the same size as Ryker’s leg?

We got to use a few fun props in this movie, like a switchblade…

and a gun!

The gun is fake, of course, but it does shoot real bb pellets! Remarkably, we only shot a twink with it once the whole week.

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