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3 Twinks and a Shark: Part 4!

I’m not even sure where to start with part four of 3 Twinks and a Shark, but here’s the description off

It’s not all “work” and no play for the three little hustlers, and when their friend DJ Pornstar (Dominic Pacifico) comes into town, Ian Levine and Andy Taylor invite him over for an intense threesome. Dominic works their eager holes over with his tongue, fingers, a big black double-ended dildo, and his fat uncut cock! In episode four of 3 Twinks and a Shark, the boys have no idea that the house is about to demand all debts be paid!

I’m normally against filming in the evening, because it never goes well, but we weren’t left with much choice for this scene because Dominic Pacifico’s flight got all messed up. It all worked out, though, because shooting this threesome was incredible. We had far too much fun and the shoot ran forever because we kept thinking up more things we wanted to do. There was really only one thing I wanted to see happen between Dominic, Ian Levine, and Andy Taylor.

It involves one of these bad boys:

(A double ended dildo, not my morning cup of tea.)

If Dominic fucking Andy and Ian with a double-ended dildo was Christmas morning, the fact he fingerbanged them both beforehand was my fucking birthday.

We had to hang a curtain to block the glass doors and it kept falling down so, like a true team player, Jeremy Stevens stepped in. What a champion.

If you’re into the idea of ass play (with fingerbanging AND double ended dildos) you need to see this scene. If you’re into the idea of Dominic Pacifico manhandling two twinks, you need to see this scene. If you’re into the idea of Andy Taylor and Ian Levine trying to out-bottom each other, you need to see this scene.

You need to see it, ok?

Dominic Pacifico has a perfect cock, no arguments.

Ass ass ass ass ass.

They were fucking with such force on that damn couch that it kept sliding across the living room, so I volunteered my services as a brace.

After they both get fucked, Ian is the lucky one to get covered in Andy and Dominic’s loads!

This feels like a good way to end 2013, I gotta say.

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