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Don’t Let Strangers into your Hotel Room (Unless They’re Hot)

Am I the only one who gets freaked out if there’s a knock on my hotel room door? “Who knows I’m in here?? What do they want from me??” My unjustified paranoia has probably prevented me from ever hooking up with a random dude who’s lost his room key. Damn.

Drew has had a mishap, he’s locked out of his hotel room and needs to contact reception. It’s the pretext for a great fuck! Thankfully he’s managed to find horny and hung young twink top Jordan nearby, and with a welcoming smile the boy has an offer the hunk can’t ignore! With a lot of amazing cock sucking our daddy hunk finds himself ass-up with that hung boy ramming away at his insides, fucking the cum out of him and delivering an impressive eruption of his own!

By all means, watch the video preview!

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