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Canal St Lads – Andro Maas & Darius Ferdynand

In Canal St Lads, local bar manager, Andro Maas, enjoys a bit of kiss-n-tell with his bar crew as they open up for the night. He tells the lads about a chance run-in with the town bicycle, Darius Ferdynand. New bartender, Mickey Taylor, claims he’s never shagged Darius and decides to skip out on all the lurid details in favor of a trip to the loo. While he’s off taking a piss, Skylar and Aaron listen as Andro describes the passionate fuck between him and Darius.

OK OK OK. That is the copy from this first scene in the new Canal St Lads series, but there’s something specific I need to talk about.

Darius Ferdynand’s asshole.

Look at it! Look how PERFECT IT IS!

omg Andro no move your head ffs


Ahhh, there’s a dick going inside it!


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