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COME: Scene 1—Mick Stallone x Travis Punk

As we were getting ready to kick this scene off, Mick actually thanked me for booking him with someone who’s exactly his type. I smiled and said “you’re welcome!” and didn’t mention that it was a total accident, ha!

Chemistry between models is unpredictable. You can book two guys together who should be into each other and it just doesn’t happen, then you pair up models knowing they’ll at least look great and unexpected sparks fly. Mick Stallone and Travis Punk seemed to hit it off instantly, so much so that I’d later find evidence on social media that they were hooking up spending time together days after we filmed.

The heat between them was so real, Mick had to cool his dick off with a cold bottle of water, haha.

It was the first time I’d worked with Mick or Travis (in fact, it was Travis’ first ever shoot) but I can’t wait to book them again as soon as possible. They’re gorgeous and energetic performers, but attitude is so important to me, and they brought so much positivity to set every single day.

Look at them listening so nicely. I’ll take a hundred models just like them, please.

To be honest, I haven’t seen someone take to porn as easily as Travis since I helped shoot Kyler Moss’ debut scene for BoyCrush! Some people are just born to porn.

Travis spent most of the time (when he wasn’t on camera) documenting all the behind the scenes action for himself!

COME is a new DVD series that focuses on the sticky finish we’re all waiting for with every scene. Be it a facial, snowballing, or a huge load, these five scenes know the importance of a climax! Check out scene one with Mick & Travis below!


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