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Daddy & boy Flip Fuck!

I keep nearly writing Craig Daniel’s name the wrong way around, but while he’s not James Bond, he is a fine as fuck daddy! And young Luke Tyler has a very serious, beautiful face, but he knows how to throw passion into a scene. These two were all over each other behind the scenes; they tried to play it cool when we first told them they’d be filming together, but it was obvious they were into it once we had them on set! Originally, Luke Tyler was just meant to fuck Craig, but turns out, he was pretty desperate to get that daddy-cock inside him.

It’s a pairing made in heaven! Hunky and rugged Craig matched with smooth young jock Luke, starting with sensual uncut cock sucking as they feast on each other, but culminating in the two swapping their long intact dicks in a session of flip flop fucking that will have all of you cumming hard! Both guys get so much cock inside them as they go back and forth, but the drenching cum shot Luke delivers is what will really impress you!

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