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Does Elvis Perform Gay Weddings?

Admittedly, I was listening to Katy Perry when I came up with the premise for this My Husband is Gay scene. JP Richards wakes up from a brutal night of partying in Vegas and finds a ring on his finger. You know, that old chestnut. He immediately calls over his buddy Dustin Fitch, hoping he might have some helpful advice; of course, because this is pornland and not real life, Dustin suggests hot gay sex instead of an annulment.

By the way, the disturbingly overzealous new wife who leaves JP a voice mail, was voiced by yours truly. (I have an upcoming onscreen cameo that is truly terrible.)

From the site:

JP Richards wakes up with a killer hangover after a night at the casino, he also wakes up with a ring on his finger! He calls over his buddy Dustin Fitch, and instead of thinking about a quickie divorce, these two end up fucking. Dustin loves that black cock, so much so he blows his load halfway through the scene! JP ends up giving him a facial but their snowballing is interrupted by a phone call…

Shit just got real for JP.

The way Dustin Fitch says “the fuck?” after hearing my message makes me snicker every time.

I’d like to take a moment to comment on Dustin Fitch’s perfect balls–they’re huge! He has a great dick, too, it’s thick and perfect, but his balls. They’re my ideal balls: large testes packed snugly into a velvety scrotum. (Why did that sound so weird?)

JP actually picks Dustin up by the ass-end to eat him out more aggressively. It’s pretty rad to watch.

During filming, Dustin actually blew his load early during missionary. At least half the bottoms I know don’t really care to be fucked once they’ve cum, so my first thought was, “fuuuck, now he’s going to whine until we finish this.” As he writhed around breathlessly in post-orgasm bliss, I remember telling him, “I hope you enjoyed that orgasm because we’ve got another position to film before we’re done.” I think that took the wind out of his sails a little. I swear he spent a good fifteen minutes waxing poetically, “oh my god, my whole body is tingling.” Fortunately for everyone, Dustin marched through the next position without complaint (what a trooper!)

By the way, Dustin Fitch says he’s mostly a top in his personal life, but ever since he told me he’s really into black men I picture his butthole wrapped around the dick of every single attractive black man I see. There are lots of incredibly handsome black men in Montreal, too, so I’ll be on the metro and Dustin is just being routinely gangbanged on the floor in front of everyone.

PS: When Dustin arrived at our shoot house in Las Vegas, I was beside myself over how sexy the little fucker is! I think I shook his hand but what I really wanted to do was slap him in the face with my dick. He just has one of those faces. Also, brown hair and blue eyes (and a fat cock with huge balls) is a winner every. single. time.

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