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Eight Inches Below: Part 1

We’re kicking off a new series, Eight Inches Below, with a hot scene between Jo Diamond and Roscoe Hayes that involved all of us nearly freezing to death.

No, scratch that. It involved me nearly freezing to death. The boys were toasty warm inside the sauna, merrily trading blowies, while I tried not to shiver so much that my camera wasn’t steady.

Hot as it was, both literally and metaphorically, to film the oral action inside the sauna, we collectively decided to move into a bedroom for the fucking. This way the boys had more room to move around and, as a bonus, I didn’t die of exposure. A win-win, obvs.

They may be snowed in, but Roscoe Hayes and Jo Diamond are quick to entertain themselves. They start by trading blowies in the sauna, sucking each other’s hard uncut cocks after ditching their towels. They brave the cold in order to turn up the heat properly in the bedroom. Jo tongue and finger fucks Roscoe’s furry ass, prepping the other boy’s hole for his cock. The boys fuck and you can tell things get intense by the noises that start to come out of Roscoe, especially once he’s taking that cock on his back!


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