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Friends to Lovers

I had actually tried to pair Jo Diamond and Jimmy Little up for a scene on a previous shoot, but they both turned it down. These two are friends in real life and weren’t sure if fucking each other would make things awkward.

The second time around, I figured it didn’t hurt to ask again, and to my surprise, they both said yes! I get the feeling they were both ready to be DONE with the sexual tension between them, because the scene came out super hot! In fact, it was the fastest scene we shot that week, which is proof these two wanted each other bad.

This is an amazing pairing by anyone’s standards! We have horny friends Jo and Jimmy sharing their dicks in an amazing fuck, and what a pair these guys make! Check it out, in 4K too, as we join the duo on the bed making out and groping for dick. In short time the two are showing off their tatts and their hard uncut dicks too as they swap boners for some delicious oral. Of course, someone is about to get fucked, but can you guess who? It’s Jimmy, and he’s damn eager for that length as he slides down on it and wanks his own hard dick before getting it doggy and on his back too, finally finishing off splashed with both their loads!


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