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How Do You Say “Nice Beard” in German?

Did you know Timo Garrett can speak German? Well, he can! And even though Irish comedian Dylan Moran describes German as sounding like, “a typewriter eating tinfoil, falling down the stairs,” I think it’s a sexy/clumsy typewriter.

Timo is quite precious to me, so I couldn’t help but write this Bang Me Sugar Daddy scene just for him. Not to mention, Timo is a delight to work with; if all of our boys were half as clever and hard working, my job would be a hundred times easier.

The fact he was paired up with sweet-and-sexy Preston Steel was just the bearded cherry on top.

We cut out the part where Timo explained how to say, “that’s sexual harassment” in German.

From the site:

Preston Steel isn’t interested in small talk, he’d rather his German tutor just teach him all the dirty words. Young Timo Garrett obviously has a thing for older men, because after they suck each other, he takes a hard pounding and begs for more! He gets fucked doggy and missionary before cumming all over the floor while he rides Preston in reverse, bending forward to take a cum shot to the back.

Ridiculously good looking.

Also, this hair is outrageous, but I love it.

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