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In Which I Go A Little “John Madden” on Jake Steel & Adam Russo

This My Husband is Gay scene came out back on September 26th, but I was drunk doing important business things in San Francisco at the time, so I completely missed it. But I’d like to talk about it now, if you don’t mind?

Bisexual married couples who like to swing are awesome in my book, which is the basic premise of this scene between Adam Russo and Jake Steel. The married couples flip a coin to see who’s going to fuck who and, thankfully, the fates put Jake and Adam together. It would have been so awkward if that coin flip went the other way and we had to film a bunch of straight porn.

Separating work porn and recreational porn is something I’m usually pretty good at, but this was one of those scenes I took home with me, if you catch my drift (I wanked off to it.) Adam Russo has a mature, masculine sexuality about him that I really dig. And I want to dislike Jake Steel for knowing exactly how beautiful he is, but instead I just end up agreeing with him.

(I met Jake Steel at a party in San Francisco, but we didn’t talk much, he was too busy making other people feel short and ugly.)

A few of the promotional stills from this scene really caught my eye/vagina and I thought it’d be fun to share! Also, I got a bit carried away with Photoshop.

I really love when the guy giving a blowjob plays with the recipient’s balls, it’s hot and they are right there. Personally, I think balls are lots of fun. Also! Hairy balls. I think those are pretty cool. There’s some stubble over on Gay Porn Blog to suggest that hairy balls might be making a comeback!

If I’m anything, I’m a gooch-lover. Gooches are taints, by the way, if you’re not familiar. I’ve also heard the gooch referred to as the, “grundel.” But grundel makes me thinks of Grendel, and unless you nicknamed your cock Beowulf, that just doesn’t work for me. But anyway, gooches (gucci?), I love them. If gooch plushies wouldn’t look so weird/make me look so weird, I would have one on my bed.

Jake Steel’s smile + eyelashes = WHATEVER.

Obviously, this photo excited me in a few ways. One, I love seeing a bottom get his ass manhandled (fucking spank and squeeze and abuse that thing!) Two, Adam’s boner. Three, Adam kissing Jake’s hand (it’s the little things, gay porn, the little things.)

Oh. I didn’t Photoshop this one. I’m just hoping I come home and find Adam Russo bent over my bed like this one day. (“Oh, hey Adam! After I lick your grundel, I want you to stick Beowulf down my throat. Thanks!”)

Social Media Spam: Adam Russo has his own site, free of English literature references, at I’m pretty stoked about some of the content he’s been shooting for it, it’ll be worth checking out. He’s also on Twitter and Facebook. And if you don’t like your self esteem, feel free to friend/follow Jake Steel on Facebook and Twitter.

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