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“It’s not like I got a faux-hawk or something!”

If you’re at all plugged into the gay porn scene on twitter or keep up with the gossip in the industry, you’ll remember the Jayden Grey, faux hawk, Hot House threeway temper tantrum. Jayden showed up for a shoot with a fancy new hairdo and when the studio asked him to cut it, he stormed out with ‘hawk intact. And then there was a bunch of entertaining drama on twitter and everyone had a good LOL. Not long after that, I was writing scripts for and couldn’t help myself.

Our very own production manager, Andy Kay, steps up to play the blond-gone-brunette rentboy that Danny Brooks is sent to fetch by his boss, Shane Frost. Danny’s quite distraught over Andy’s change of colour because he knows how picky his boss is and, sure enough, Shane is less than pleased. True to character, after some debate Andy tells them all to fuck off and storms out. Left with a hard-on and no suitable blond, Shane “promotes” Danny on the spot and the two get busy.

Remember, kids, hair grows back.

The rentboy unexpectedly changes his hair, Hot House–uhh, Danny Brooks, freaks out.

Andy pulls a Jayden and tells them all to fuck off before storming out. (hair intact!)

Blond or not, Danny Brooks is “promoted” and takes care of boss man, Shane Frost.

Social Media Spam: Shane Frost is all up in the internet’s business; you can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and his official site. Danny Brooks, if you can find him anywhere, let me know!

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