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Mr. & Mr. Steel: I wasn’t invited to the wedding??

Jake Steel and Preston Steel are the cutest married couple ever!

You know, in my imagination (Jake Steel was a total bridezilla and Preston looked so cute dancing with his mum.) But in the real, less fun world, they were on together!

Philandering Jake Steel knows one way to repay his lawyer Preston Steel. They kiss, undress and Jake worships Preston’s cock with his lips and tongue. After getting his own dick sucked, Jake straddles Preston and sits on his cock. They end up on the couch, Preston fucking Jake from behind and then on his back. With Preston’s cock pumping his ass, Jake cums all over his stomach before Preston cums, too.

Never mind, that actually sounds like lots of fun.

Preston Steel has one of my favourite beards in the whole industry. He’s also an excessively lovely human being, whatever. As for Jake Steel, I stressed in a company memo, “bad photos of Jake Steel do not exist, take as many glamour shots of him as possible.” I stand by that, too, he’s straight up elegant.

Preston is more than just a pretty beard, but we’ll get to that after we look at his beard sucking Jake’s dick, ok?

Social Media Spam: You can find Preston Steel AND his beard on Facebook as well as Twitter. Meanwhile, Jake Steel is more attractive than you are on both Facebook and Twitter.

PS: I’ll be seeing Preston Steel in San Francisco next week during all the Folsom activities, where he apparently plans to motorboat me Little does he know, I plan to club him like a baby seal for his pelt beard.

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