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Pillow Talk: Part 1!

I don’t know why I thought of the telephone game as I sat and tried to sort out our next series on You know the game, one person whispers a message to another and then they pass it on, and on, and the last person announces the (very twisted) message to the group. The whole concept seemed like it would work well for a porno about a bunch of gossipy men who work together… and “Pillow Talk” was born!

Here’s the run down on part one, along with some of my favourite photos from the scene:

The employees of Sir Velvet Press spend as much time spreading gossip as they do publishing and Jessie Colter knows this all too well. He reminds his boss, Lance Luciano, to keep his mouth shut about their little tryst and insists this is the last time they’re fucking. He doesn’t want any office gossip spoiling his budding romance with the new guy, Connor Maguire. Lance promises to keep his lips sealed and also makes sure their last fuck is a good one. Jessie hungrily sucks down Lance’s fat uncut cock before Lance tongue-fucks his hole. They fuck like they’re trying to break the bed; Jessie’s a top notch power bottom and he takes Lance’s hard pounding until he’s laced with their cum!

I’ve seen nice backs before, but, uhhh… congrats, Jessie Colter. Damn.

And if moving pictures are more your thing, check out the trailer below!

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