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Pillow Talk: Part 2!

Of course boss-man Lance Luciano wasn’t going to be able to keep his big fat mouth shut about Jessie and Connor’s budding romance…

In part two of Pillow Talk, Lance Luciano and his assistant Ray Han leave a few stains on the hotel sheets during a business trip. Lance tongues Ray’s hole and Ray returns the favor by teasing his foreskin before they get into the fucking. Ray rides him in reverse, giving Lance a perfect view of his big cock sliding deep into his hole, and the two jerk off before blowing their loads. During their post-coital cuddle, Ray presses Lance to confess who he was with the other day. After fessing up, Lance suggests he’s not quite ready to give Jessie up while also spilling the beans about him and Connor. Of course, Ray promises not to tell anyone…

While Lance insists that he doesn’t want a relationship with Jessie (lbr, he just doesn’t want to give up hitthing that ass!) Ray might get things a little twisted when he meets with Jacob in part three…

Some people’s butts just look good with dicks in them, you know?

As always, if moving pictures are more your thing, check out the video preview!

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  1. Matthew says:

    These guys are the hot porn guys to watch. I love pillow talk

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