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Pillow Talk: Part 4!

Connor Maguire finally appears in Pillow Talk, after the rest of the cast has been gossiping about him all this time! Jacob Durham pretends to be interested in buying Connor’s car but that isn’t the real “hot rod” he’s interested in, if you catch my pun.

In part four of Pillow Talk, Jacob Durham feigns interest in buying Connor Maguire’s car in order to get himself over to the big stud’s house. His true intentions come out soon enough, though, when he ends up on his knees with Connor’s cock down his throat! The new guy at the office rims Jacob before fucking him over the hood of the car. When Jacob gets railed on his back, he blows a huge load before slipping to his knees again to get a hot facial from Connor. After they clean themselves up, Jacob “innocently” mentions that Jessie and Lance are officially together (that story just keeps getting more and more twisted, doesn’t it?) and Connor seems less than thrilled at the news…



Don’t miss the video preview below!

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