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Stefan Trades a Beach Ball for some Daddy-Balls

The last time I lost a ball over a fence, I didn’t bother trying to get it back because our neighbors were total douchebags. Stefan Nash risks a cranky neighbour and is rewarded with hot newcomer, Alex Cox. This is a local daddy we found in Las Vegas who was eager to give porn a try–I said yes as soon as I saw the tattoos on his butt cheeks, tbh.

Alex is enjoying the sun on his naked body when his horny daydreaming is interrupted by the arrival of Stefan’s bouncing beach-ball from over the fence. The boy likes what he sees though, as any gay boy would, and before you know it the two are engaged in a cock swapping suck session that see the tanned muscled daddy giving up his ass for a rampant poolside fuck! With the boys cum dripping down his tanned back, daddy Alex is ready to jack out his own and decorate the boys slender chest!

Check out the action below in this clip!

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