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The Latest from My Gay Boss: Timo Garrett & Alex Andrews

In the My Gay Boss update on Monday, Timo Garrett accidentally emails a dick pic meant for his fuck buddies…to his boss!

One time, while hiding in the bathroom during a bad date, I accidentally texted the guy I was there with when I meant to text my friend, “this guy’s an idiot.” As awkward as that was, I can’t say I’ve ever emailed photos of my junk to my boss. Coworkers, yes, but not my boss!

Of course, in this scene, Timo Garrett’s boss, Alex Andrews, sees it as an aggressive invitation rather than a fire-able offense. Whew!

I came up with the concept for this scene, but Alex Andrews screaming out raises as Timo bounces on his dick was total improvisation and it had me giggling. Also, could Timo Garrett have anymore energy in this scene? I thought he was going to break the chair while riding Alex’s dick like that, I mean, dang. Office chairs are surprisingly expensive, Timo, calm down!

Timo Garrett sends me pictures like this ALL THE TIME, so inappropriate.

Social Media Spam: Timo Garrett is on Facebook as well as Twitter. And you can hit up Alex Andrews on Facebook.

And, for you fans of moving pictures, check out the trailer below!

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