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There’s Ass on the Line!

Sexy young French-Canadian studs, Hunter Sykes and Jimmy Little, enter into a high stakes game of pool…

Whoever wins… gets to fuck the other one.


Real talk: filming porn on/around a pool table is actually more challenging than one might think. The damn things are actually pretty tall and most models… aren’t. So trying to do much more than bend someone over the table becomes… difficult. Hunter in particular, though, was extremely excited about fucking around on the table. As soon as he saw it, he asked me, “we get to fuck on the pool table, right?” Naturally, despite knowing it would be a pain in the ass, I responded, “of course!”

Luckily, the boys didn’t mind the challenge! Here’s Jimmy offering nipple support as Hunter gets hard.

Check out the photos and, as always, don’t miss the video preview at the end!

Jimmy and Hunter are playing pool, but like all horny boys needing to get a load out they decide to make it a little more interesting – the loser takes a dick. Of course, this means there are technically no losers in this game. Once Jimmy has proven his skills and beaten sexy young Hunter it becomes apparent that the rules of the bet mean nothing to either of them. Both boys feast on the others delicious dick, and once young Hunter has been fucked deep up against the table his hung friend is ready to get his hole filled in! Needless to say the cum shots these boys jerk out together at the end are well deserved after all that flip fucking.


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