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Upcoming series on Phoenixxx… 3 Twinks and a Shark!

We’ve got a new series kicking off on this Sunday called 3 Twinks and a Shark and… I’m pretty excited. Here’s the synopsis off the DVD, which you can pre-order!

“We’re after whales—as in, the high rollers. Whales are the kind of men who think in dollar signs. The kind of men who come to Vegas because they know that for the right price, they can have anything they want—even boys like us.”

Andy Taylor, Ryker Madison, and Ian Levine are three twinks living easy in Las Vegas with only one rule: hook up and cash out. The lust and greed catches up with them, though, when it’s not just another tourist they rip off, but a loan shark (Jeremy Stevens.) In a high stakes standoff, the three little hustlers are gambling with their lives and the odds favor the house…

Also starring Christopher Daniels, Mitch Vaughn, and Dominic Pacifico as DJ Pornstar. Viva Las Vegas!

I shot this movie with Charlie Oak (who also does a lot of the videography over on in Las Vegas back in August and I’m so stoked it’s finally going live on the site! Charlie and I border on unprofessional levels of fun-having during a shoot and the models who made up the cast were (really patient) even better than I expected. I’ll be sharing behind the scenes photos from each scene here on the Phoenixxx blog as the series progresses, but for now you can check out shots of the cast as well as the trailer!

Ian Levine

Mitch Vaughn

Ryker Madison

Christopher Daniels

Andy Taylor

Dominic Pacifico

Jeremy Stevens

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