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Worst-Turned-Best Bachelor Party Ever!

So if the flower girl is a no-show, does Jacob Marteny have to toss petals down the aisle, too?

In real life, being your friend’s best man probably doesn’t involve stepping in for the stripper at the bachelor party. But real life is dumb. And this is the Land of Porn, anyway, the rules are completely different here! (e.g., bottoms everywhere are cleaned out and lubed up at all times, it’s so awesome)

When we learned that Jacob Marteny was a lap dancin’ go-go boy when he lived in Minneapolis, we figured we had to work that into a scene somehow. Thus, on, Preston Ettinger is faced with a depressing bachelor party where only his best man bothered to show up. Of course, a lap dance quickly turns into sex because…well, because.

For shits and giggles, check out Jacob Marteny’s YouTube Channel, he posts some fun dance videos like this one.

Social Media Spam: Jacob Marteny is on Facebook and Twitter. And you can find Preston Ettinger on Facebook.

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